Gina Yuan

GitHub:  ygina

I'm a senior at MIT, graduating in June 2019. That's so soon! I'm currently doing research with Prof. Robert Morris in the PDOS Group. I also did research with Prof. Samuel Madden in the Database Group as an undergrad. I've interned at Facebook, MongoDB, and IBM Watson.





I ran Battlecode in 2018 and 2017. We're featured in Hacker News, Vice, and The Tech. We also hosted an IAmA that reached the front page of Reddit. I competed in 2016.


I am honored to have trained at MIT Sport Taekwondo with our head coach Master Dan Chuang since I was a freshman and a white belt in 2015. I am currently one test away from my black belt. This year, I am co-captain and VP. In 2018, I was the National Collegiate Champion in Red Belt Poomsae.