Gina Yuan

GitHub:  ygina
Strava:  32653697

I'm a senior and MEng at MIT, graduating in June 2019. I'm currently working on fault tolerance for streaming data-flow systems, supervised by Robert Morris as part of PDOS. I've also worked with Sam Madden in the Database Group. During the summer, I've interned at Facebook, MongoDB, and IBM Watson.



I ran Battlecode in 2018 and 2017. We're featured in Hacker News, Vice, and The Tech. We also hosted an IAmA that reached the front page of Reddit. I competed in 2016.


I am honored to have trained at MIT Sport Taekwondo with our head coach Master Dan Chuang since I was a freshman and a white belt in 2015, and earned my 1st Dan black belt in 2019. This year, I am co-captain and VP. In 2018, I was the National Collegiate Champion in Red Belt Poomsae.